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Let’s make a film.

DP Studios Mission – To use film production to connect businesses with people who need them.

Welcome to Passion Driven

Nobody Cares, Work Harder

The Weight of a Mountain – Trailer

DuMont Aviation

Finish What We Started

Hardbat CrossFit – Be Epic

Model Slate Reel: Tatiana Lugo

Gateway Lab School

People Like Us Do Things Like This

Journey Church:
Make Room for More

Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation Presents: Carrie’s Story

Our Legacy

Abeona Therapeutics: Ribbon Cutting Event Highlight

Blue Rocks

Rally on Rainier Premiere

Ridge Home Inspections

The Gables at Chadds Ford

The “Obtrusive” Photographer

ASPCA Dogfighting Raid Part 1:
“What Happens Tomorrow”

ASPCA Dogfighting Raid Part 2:
“The Rescue”

Music Video

Starbucks: One Cup at a Time

Gateway Lab School: Academics & Student Life


Bad Bananas

Follow the Leader

The BW Unlimited Experience

BOOM Trailer

Story of the Fishermen

MTF: Mary’s Recovery from a Double Mastectomy

About DP Studios

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Dan Salvo is an award winning photographer and owner of Dazzle Photography, film producer, creative director, photography educator – Dazzle Training, musician, and pizza enthusiast. One of his greatest strengths is absorbing the vision and brand of a person, group, organization, or company and using film, photography, and calculated producing to encapsulate the elements that their audience really needs to know about. He also enjoys a good malbec and thinks the Pink Panther is the classiest cartoon around.

 Additional Services

Corporate Headshots

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 Wedding Cinema

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We look forward to discussing your project!