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Here is the Guest List Rap from Bonanza v2.

Our highlight film from the original Bonanza:


WHEN: July 2023 [date TBD]

WHERE: Chateau de Salvo: 1580 Snuff Mill Road, Hockessin DE 19707


  • Parking at our house is very limited, and difficult to guarantee direct exit access (some cars may be blocked in). 
  • Lyft and Uber operated in our area, but are often limited and generally closer to Wilmington.
  • If you plan on drinking, make your arrangements in advance so you can have fun safely. You are welcome to leave your vehicle at our place and retrieve it the next day. 



  • Our bar will be tended by the best speakeasy operators in the world, The Copper Dram. Drinks will be available all night, on us.
  • We’ll have swankalcious music followed by duft duft music. Stretching recommended prior to attempting the worm.
  • Although we recommend dinner prior to coming, we will be providing custom sushi and fresh pizza, prepared on-site by our friends at Pizzaria Maki. Again, no cost — on us.
  • Actual attire: same as last year – cocktail attire. Look spiffy.
  • We want you to enjoy your evening, unencumbered by offspring, so please leave a bowl out for the wee ones and leave them behind.


9 + 7 =

Here is the Guest List Rap from Bonanza v1, a small shout out to our friends and family.

Our thank you card from last year’s Bonanza: