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Ken & Sandra Salvo

a legacy of smiles, songs, and sass

The Memorial

A celebration of life and legacy. A chance to share stories, gain closure, and toast to two lives lived fully.

What: An event to celebrate the lives of both Ken and Sandra

When & Where: Friday, October 14th, 2022

In person, by invitation only, from 5-9pm CST: Cooper’s Hawk, Arlington Heights (~15 minutes from ORD)

Online livestream, available to anybody, starting at 6p CST / 7p EST:

The presentation will be professionally streamed live to create the best possible experience for those who will not be able to attend in person. It will also be recorded and archived for on-demand playback in case you cannot tune in live. 

Attire: Semi-formal / cocktail attire — just look nice. Note that this is not a funeral, so no need for all black.

Details: Cooper’s Hawk is an upscale winery and Italian restaurant. We’ll have a cocktail hour to start, followed by a presentation (this is when the livestream will begin), followed by a full meal, then some more wine and casual mingling  🙂












The Venue: Cooper’s Hawk


Ken Salvo

Ken Salvo

True to his Italian roots, he was passionate, talented, and loved to make people smile.

Sandra Salvo

Sandra Salvo

Loving, sharp, and easily the most hospitable and organized person on the planet.

A collective video tribute

The power of storytelling is most powerful when the trinity of ingredients come together just right: story (Sandra’s sweet spot), music (Ken’s passion), and picture (my profession, as their son).



We’ll be compiling a video where people will have a chance to record stories. The videos will be edited into a beautiful finished piece that will not only make the memorial service more impactful, but will also leave everyone (regardless of attendance) with a touching keepsake. 


In short, please submit your video as soon as possible. Due to the complexity of the editing process and sheer volume of content, the deadline for submissions is September 25th; any content submitted after this date may not be able to be edited into the film.


I will collect all the videos and edit into a single file, set to music, and will include as many photos/videos on top as possible to match what’s being discussed.

Additional content

To punctuate long, uninterrupted interview clips, it is very helpful to have photos and/or video that can be overlaid. I can cull through anything you send and choose what fits. Please upload digital files here:

Technical Details

You can simply record your video on your cell phone. Here are some important tips to ensure the highest possible quality:

Choose a good location
Quiet, no mechanical or environmental noises or frequent interruptions Avoid distracting backgrounds. Choose a chair that’s comfortable and doesn’t move around much or at all.

Choose a location so that you’re facing a light source like a window or lamp. Your face should be illuminated clearly. As much as possible, try and ensure that the color of the light on your face is consistent. This may require turning off lights in your room.

The sound quality is the most important element in a video. Speak clearly and at a good volume.

Choose whatever outfit you feel comfortable in, but avoid ultra bright colors, thin stripes (this causes moiré, which makes you look like your shirt is moving), and shirts with words or big logos. 

The camera
The camera must be horizontal. Please do NOT shoot vertically! Place the camera at roughly eye level so you’re not looking down or up at the camera. Position yourself so you’re about 2-4 feet away from the camera. The resolution can be set to either 1080 or 4k. We will resize to fit our project. When recording, try and look at the camera lens (not yourself in the screen).

How to present
Before you start, leave a 2 second pause. This helps us set an “in point”. After you finish a thought, keep eye contact with the camera for an extra two seconds – again, so we can set an “out point”

What to Say

Here are some tips to guide what to talk about so the video has maximum impact. Keep in mind that these are guidelines – you don’t need to hit on each one, nor do you need to stay constrained if you have something else you’d like to share.

  • Start with a statement, fill with a story, end with the impact. An example: “Ken always loved making people smile. Whenever I would see him perform a concert in NYC, he would hang out with us after every show and buy us drinks and thank us for coming out. He wanted everyone to have a wonderful time. That attitude and hospitality is something I’ll always carry with me.”
  • What word(s) would you use to describe him/her/their personality or character? Connect it to a story or example. Ex: “If I could describe Sandra in one word, it would be organized. I remember one time I bumped into her while she was going grocery shopping, and she had her grocery list organized by category and quantity, typed into a spreadsheet and printed out with the date and grocery store location. Her attention to detail was unparalleled.”
  • Because of the magic power of editing, if you don’t like a take or you fumble a line, that’s ok – keep rolling, take a breath, collect your thoughts, and start again.
  • Some people were closer with Ken than Sandra or vice versa. That’s ok. Talk about whoever you like, whether it’s just one of them or them as a couple.
  • Conciseness is key. It’s easy to get lost in a web of details when telling stories!

What to do once you’re done recording:

Please upload your video files here:



As a reference for the look and feel of your video interview, here is an example of a somewhat similar video I’ve made in the past.


We don’t have a hotel block but here are some hotels nearby the venue that you can explore:

Questions? Contact us here.

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